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  1. Samen- und Pflanzen-Tauschliste des botanischen Gartens der Kgl. Technischen Hochschule Stuttgart.
    Publication Info: [Stuttgart :Technische Hochschule in Stuttgart]
  2. Samentausch-Liste der Wilhelmagewächshäuser.
    Publication Info: Stuttgart,1936.
  3. Samentauschliste.
    Publication Info: Frankfurt a.M. :Palmengarten der Stadt Frankfurt a.M.
  4. Samen-Tauschliste.
    Publication Info: Leipzig :Arzneipflanzen-Lehr- und Versuchsgarten des wissenschaftlichen Laboratoriums Dr. Willmar Schwabe.
  5. Samen-Verzeichnis des botanischen Gartens zu Bremen.
    Publication Info: [Bremen :Botanischer Garten zu Bremen],1905-
  6. Samen-Verzeichnis des botanischen Gartens zu Freiburg i.B.
    Publication Info: [Freiburg :Botanischer Garten]
  7. Samenverzeichnis des k.k. botanischen Gartens in Salzburg.
    Publication Info: Salzburg :[Botanischer Garten der alten Universität Salzburg],1904-1910.
  8. Samen-Verzeichnis des Staatl. Botanischen Gartens zu Dresden.
    Publication Info: Dresden :Koeniglich Botanischer Garten zu Dresden.
  9. Samenverzeichnis.
    Publication Info: Cassel, Germany :Botanischer Schulgarten, 1921, 1922.
  10. Sämereien des k.k. botanischen Gartens in Prag-Smichow, ... gesammelt und zum Tausche angeboten.
    Publication Info: [Prague :Universita Karlova, Botanická zahrada]
  11. Sämereien zum Tausch aus dem grossherzoglichen botanischen Garten der Universität Rostock.
    Publication Info: Rostock :Botanischer Garten zu Rostock.
  12. Sammlung physikalischer Aufsätze :Besonders die Böhmische Naturgeschichte betreffend /von einer Gesellschaft Bohmischer Naturforscher, herausgegeben von Johann Mayer.
    Publication Info: Dresden :In der Waltherischen hofbuchhandlung,1791-1798.
  13. Sargentia :a continuation of the contributions from the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University.
    Publication Info: Jamaica Plains, Mass. :The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University,1942-1949.
  14. Saxifragëarum enumeratio /autore A. H. Haworth. Accedunt revisiones plantarum succulentarum.
    Publication Info: Londini :Wood,1821.
  15. Scrophularinaea Indicae :A synopsis of the East Indian Scrophylarineae contained in the collections presented by the East India Company to the Linnean Society of London, and in those of Mr. Royle and others; with some general observations on the affinities and sub-divisions of the order.
    Publication Info: London :J. Ridgway,1835.
  16. Second anolis newsletter
    Publication Info: 1974
  17. A second century of orchidaceous plants /Selected from the subjects published in 'Curtis' botanical magazine ̓since the issue of the 'First century.' Ed. by James Bateman...
    Publication Info: London :L. Reeve & co.,1867.
  18. Select orchidaceous plants [First series] by Robert Warner ; the notes on culture by Benjamin S. Williams.
    Publication Info: London : L. Reeve, 1862-1865.
  19. Select orchidaceous plants [Second series] by Robert Warner ; the notes on culture by Benjamin S. Williams.
    Publication Info: London : L. Reeve, 1865-1875.
  20. Selecta fungorum carpologia :ea documenta et icones potissimum exhibens ... /Junctis studiis ediderunt Ludovicus-Renatus Tulasne, et Carolus Tulasne.
    Publication Info: Parisiis :Imperatoris Jussu, In Imperiali Typographeo Excudebatur,1861-1865.
  21. A selection of Hexandrian plants, belonging to the natural orders Amaryllidae and Liliacae /from drawings by Mrs. Edward Bury, Liverpool ; engraved by R. Havell.
    Publication Info: London : Robt. Havell, ... , Pubd. 1831- ended Dec. 1, 1834.
  22. Selectus e seminario Horti Botanici Cracoviensis.
    Publication Info: Cracoviae :Hort Botanici Gracoviensis.
  23. Semina anni MDCCCXCVI, quae pro mutua commutatione offeruntur (I).
    Publication Info: [Palermo :Libreria internazionale, Alberto Reber],1897.
  24. Semina muscorum detecta :suffragio nobiliss. medicorum ord. in Reg. Acad. Upsal. /praeside viro amplissimo D.D. Carolo Linnaeo, ... ; publicae disputat. in aud. Carol. maj. D.XXV. Apr. H.A.M.S. habendae comm. alumnus regius Petrus Jonas Bergius, Smolandus.
    Publication Info: Upsaliae :[s.n.],1750.
  25. Semina selecta, e collectione anni ... quae hortus botanicus Imperialis Petropolitanus pro mutua commutatione offert.
    Publication Info: [St. Petersburg, Russia :Botanicheskiĭ institut im. V.L. Komerova]
  26. Semina, sporae, bulbs et tubera anno MCMXII collecta quae Hortus Botanicus Patavinus pro mutua commutatione offert.
    Publication Info: Padova [Padua, Italy] :Tipo-Lito F.lli Garbin.
  27. Sertula florae Ecuadorensis /autore A. Sodiro, S.J.
    Publication Info: Quiti :Typis Universitatis,1905-1908.
  28. Sertum Anglicum, seu, Plantae rariores quae in hortis juxta Londinum : imprimis in horto regio Kewensi excoluntur, ab anno 1786 ad annum 1787 observatae /Car. Lud. L'Heritier.
    Publication Info: Parisiis :Petri Francisci Didot,1788.
  29. Sertum orchidaceum:a wreath of the most beautiful orchidaceous flowers /selected by John Lindley.
    Publication Info: London, J. Ridgway, 1838.
  30. Sertum palmarum brasiliensium :ou Relation des palmiers nouveax du Brésil, découverts, décrits et dessinés d'après nature /par J. Barbosa Rodrigues.
    Publication Info: Bruxelles :Impr. typ. veuve Monnom,1903.
  31. Seven letters from John Bartram to Dr. Fothergill, 1764-71.
    Publication Info: [s.l.]1764-71.
  32. The Sick man's companion.
    Publication Info: [United States :s.n.,1836]
  33. SIDA, contributions to botany.
    Publication Info: [Dallas :W. F. Mahler, etc.]1962-
  34. The silva of North America :a description of the trees which grow naturally in North America exclusive of Mexico /by Charles Sprague Sargent ... illustrated with figures and analyses drawn from nature by Charles Edward Faxon ...
    Publication Info: Boston,New York :Houghton, Mifflin and company,1891-1902.
  35. Simplicivm medicamentorvm :ex novo orbe delatorvm, qvorvm in medicina vsvs est, historia; Hispanico sermone duobus libris /descripta à D. Nicolao Monardis ; ... Latio deinde donata, & in vnum volumen contracta, insuper annotationibus, iconibusque affabre depictis illustrata à Carolo Clvsio ...
    Publication Info: Antverpiæ :Ex officina Plantiniana, apud viduam & Ioannem Moretum,1593.
  36. Sitzungsberichte der Kaiserlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften. Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Classe.
    Publication Info: Wien : K.-K. Hof-und Staatsdruckerei in Commission bei Karl Gerold's Sohn,
  37. Sitzungsberichte der Kaiserlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften. Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Classe.
    Publication Info: Wien :K.-K. Hof- und Staatsdruckerei in Commission bei C. Gerold's Sohn,1872-1887.
  38. Sitzungsberichte der Kaiserlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften. Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Classe.
    Publication Info: Wien : K.-K. Hof-und Staatsdruckerei in Commission bei Karl Gerold's Sohn,
  39. Sitzungsberichte der Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftlichen Klasse der Kaiserlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften.
    Publication Info: Wien : K.-K. Hof- und Staatsdruckerei in Kommission bei Alfred Hölder, 1888-1917.
  40. Sitzungsberichte.
    Publication Info: Berlin :Akademie-Verlag [etc.]
  41. Sketch of the botany of Dr. A. Wislizenus's expedition :Missouri to Santa Fe, Chihuahua, Parras, Saltillo, Monterey and Matamoros.
    Publication Info: Washington :Tippin & Streeper,1848.
  42. A sketch of the botany of South Carolina and Georgia /by Stephen Elliott.
    Publication Info: Charleston, S.C. :J.R. Schenck,1821-24.
  43. Sketches of the inhabitants, animal life and vegetation in the lowlands and high mountains of Ceylon : as well as of the submarine scenery near the coast taken from a diving bell / by the Baron Eugène de Ransonnet.
    Publication Info: Vienna : Printed for the author by Gerold & sold by Robert Hardwicke, London, 1867.
  44. Species Astragalorum :descriptae et iconibus coloratis illustratae /a P.S. Pallas.
    Publication Info: Lipsiae :sumtibus Godofredi Martini,1800.
  45. Species Blancoanae :a critical revision of the Philippine species of plants described by Blanco and by Llanos /by E.D. Merrill.
    Publication Info: Manila :Bureau of Printing,1918.
  46. Species muscorum frondosorum : descriptae et tabulis aeneis lxxvii coloratis illustratae /Joannis Hedwig ; opus posthumum, editum a Friderico Schwaegrichen.
    Publication Info: Lipsiae (Leipzig) : sumtu J. A. Barthii ; Parisiis, A. Koenig, 1801.
  47. Specimen materiae medicae Brasiliensis :exhibens plantas medicinales quas in itinere per Brasiliam annis 1817-1820 jussu et auspiciis Maximiliani Josephi I, Bavariae regis augustissimi, suscepto observavit Dr. C.F.P. de Martius.
    Publication Info: Monacens [München] :Typis J.E. de Seidel ex Actis Monacensibus seorsim impressum,1824.
  48. Specimens of the flora of South Africa /by a lady.
    Publication Info: London,1849.
  49. Specimina xii generum Cinchonae et Palicurae (e familia (Rubiacearum) /C. Fr. Ph. de Martius.
    Publication Info: Lipsiae :Apud K.W. Hiersemann,[1915]
  50. Spicilegium Neilgherrense, or, a selection of Neilgherry plants :drawn and coloured from nature, with brief descriptions of each ; some general remarks on the geography and affinities of natural families of plants, and occasional notices of their economical properties and uses /by Robert Wight.
    Publication Info: Madras :the author,[1846]-1851.
  51. Spisok nasinnia͡ dlia͡ obminu =Index seminum quae Hortus Botanicus in Kamianetz-Podilskyj pro mutua commutatione offert.
    Publication Info: Kam'ia͡nets͡ʹ na Podilʹsʹkyĭ :Kam'ia͡nets͡ʹ-Podilʹsʹkyĭ Botanichniĭ sad.
  52. Spisok' obrazts͡ov' sie͡mia͡n', predostavlia͡emykh' Biu͡ro po prikladnoĭ botanikie͡ zhelaiu͡shchim' dlia͡ ispytaniia͡ na mie͡stakh' =Liste von Samenproben aus den Sammlungen des Bureau für angewandte Botanik, welche Interessenten abgegeben werden können
    Publication Info: [Saint Petersburg :Biu͡ro po prikladnoĭ botanike]
  53. Sprawozdanie Komisyi Fizyograficznej
    Publication Info:
  54. Standardized products :a descriptive list of drug extracts standardized by chemical or physiological means : together with a list of the various forms in which these drugs are marketed.
    Publication Info: [Detroit?] :Parke, Davis & Co.,1911.
  55. Stirpes novae :aut minus cognitae, quas descriptionibus et iconibus /illustravit Carolus-Ludovicus L'Héritier, dom. de Brutelle ...
    Publication Info: Parisiis :ex typographia Philippi-Dionysii Pierres,1784-85.
  56. Stirpium rariorum in Imperio rutheno sponte provenientium icones et descriptionescollectae ab Ioanne Ammano ... Instar supplementi ad Commentar. Acad. scient. imper.
    Publication Info: Petropoli,ex typographia Academiae scientiarvm,1739.
  57. Studien und Ideen fur Landschaftzeichner :oder theoretisch-practisches Lehrbuch uber alle Theile der Landschaftszeichnung fur Freundinnen und Freunde der Kunst nebst einer fasslichen Anweisung zur Perspective. In xxvi. Radirten Blattern nach der Natur und den besten Meistern.
    Publication Info: Leipzig :Carl Cnobloch,1827.
  58. Studies in the bryology of New Zealand,with special reference to the herbarium of Robert Brown of Christchurch, New Zealand,by H. N. Dixon.
    Publication Info: Wellington,J. Mackay,1913-29.
  59. Studies of Cretaceous coniferous remains from Kreischerville, New York / by Arthur Hollick ... and Edward Charles Jeffrey ... Published by the aid of the David Lydig Fund bequeathed by Charles P. Daly.
    Publication Info: New York: 1909.
  60. Summa plantarum :a Fulgentio Vitman in lucem editae anno 1789.
    Publication Info: Mediolani :Apud Pirotam et Masperum, Excusores Bibliopolaeque,1802.
  61. Summa plantarum :quae hactenus innotuerunt methodo Linnaeana per genera et species digesta, illustrata, descripta /a Fulgentio Vitman ...
    Publication Info: Mediolani :Typis Imper. Monast. s. Ambrosii majoris,1789-1792.
  62. Supplement to The ferns of southern India and British India :containing a revised list of all the ferms of India, Ceylon, Birmah, and the Malay peninsula and 45 plates of hitherto unfigured species /by R.H. Beddome.
    Publication Info: Madras :printed by Gantz Brothers,1876.
  63. Supplementum carpologiae :seu continuati operis Josephi Gaertner de Fructibus et seminibus plantarum /Caroli Friderici Gaertner.
    Publication Info: [Leipzig] :Sumtibus Carol. Frid. Enoch Richter Bibliopolae Lipsiensis,1807.
  64. Supplementum plantarum succulentarum :sistens plantas novas vel nuper introductas, sive omissas, in Synopse plantarum succulentarum : cum observationibus variis anglicanis /auctore A.H. Haworth. Adjungitur Narcissorum revisio.
    Publication Info: Londini :Impensis J. Harding,1819.
  65. Supplementum plantarum Systematis vegetabilium editionis decimae tertiae, Generum plantarum editionis sextae, et Specierum plantarum editionis secunda /editum a Carolo a Linné ...
    Publication Info: Brunsvigae :Impensis Orphanotrophei,1781.
  66. Supplementum Sylloges florae Europaeae /auctore Carol Frider Nyman.
    Publication Info: Oerebroae :Sumptu et typis N.M. Lindh,1865.
  67. Sweet's Hortus britannicus; or, A catalogue of plants, indigenous, or cultivated in the gardens of Great Britain;arranged according to their natural orders, with references to the Linnean class and order to which each genus belongs; the whole brought up to the present time, and contains above 34,000 plants ...
    Publication Info: London, J. Ridgway, 1830.
  68. Sylva telluriana :Mantis. synopt. : new genera and species of trees and shrubs of North America, and other regions of the earth : omitted or mistaken by the botanical authors and compilers, or not properly classified, now reduced by their natural affinities to the proper natural orders and tribes /By C.S. Rafinesque ; being a supplement to the Flora telluriana.
    Publication Info: Philadelphia : Printed for the author and publisher, 1838.
  69. Symbolae ad floram Argentinam :Zweite Bearbeitung argentinischer Pflanzen nach den auf Befehl der H. Nacional-Regierung der argentinischen Republik durch die Professoren Lorentz und Hieronymus veranstalteten Sammlungen, sowie den im Museum zu Göttingen aufbewarhten Herbarien anderer Naturforscher, besonders den durch Herrn Schickendantz in der Provinz Catamarca gesammelten Pflanzen.
    Publication Info: Göttingen : Dieterich'sche Verlags-Buchhandlung, 1879.
  70. Symbolae Antillanae,seu, Fundamenta florae Indiae Occidentalis /editi Ignatius Urban.
    Publication Info: Berolini :Parisiis :Fratres Borntraeger ;Paul Klincksieck,1898-1928.
  71. Symbolae botanicae, sive, Descriptiones et icones plantarum novarum aut minus cognitarum /auctore Carolo Borziwogo Presl.
    Publication Info: Pragae :C.B. Presl,1832-1858 [i.e. 1830-1858?]
  72. Symbolae physicae seu icones adhuc ineditae :corporum naturalium novorum aut minus cognitorum quae ex itineribus per Libyam Aegyptum Nubiam Dongalam Syriam Arabiam et Habessiniam publico institutis sumptu Friderici Guilelmi Hemprich et Christiani Godofredi annis MDCCCXX-MDCCCXXV redierunt /Publico usui obtulit C. Schumann.
    Publication Info: Berolini [Berlin]G. Reimeri,1900.
  73. Symbolae sinicae :botanische Ergebnisse der Expedition der Akademie der Wissenschaften in Wein nach Südwest-China, 1914-1918 /herausgegeben von Heinrich Handel-Mazzetti ; unter mitarbeit von Viktor Brotherus ... [et al.].
    Publication Info: Wien :J. Springer,1929-1937.
  74. Synopsis muscorum frondosorum omnium hucusque cognitorum. /Auctore Carolo Müller.
    Publication Info: Berolini [Berlin] :A. Foerstner,1849-1851.
  75. Synopsis of the Cactaceae of the territory of the United States and adjacent regions /by George Engelmann.
    Publication Info: Cambridge [Mass.] :Metcalf,1856.
  76. Synopsis of the flora of Colorado /by Thomas C. Porter and John M. Coulter.
    Publication Info: Washington :Govt. print. off.,March 20, 1874.
  77. Synopsis plantarum :seu, Enumeratio systematica plantarum plerumque adhuc cognitarum cum differentiis specificis et synonymis selectis ad modum Persoonii elaborata /auctore David Dietrich.
    Publication Info: Vimariae : B. F. Voigtii, 1839-1852.
  78. Synopsis plantarum glumacearum /autore E.G. Steudel.
    Publication Info: Stuttgartiae : J.B. Metzler, 1855.
  79. Synopsis plantarum succulentarum :cum descriptionibus, synonymis, locis, observationibus anglicanis, culturaque /auctore A.H. Haworth.
    Publication Info: Londini : Typis R. Taylor et Socii, 1812.
  80. Synopsis plantarum,seu Enchiridium botanicum, complectens enumerationem systematicam specierum hucusque cognitarum /curante C.H. Persoon.
    Publication Info: Parisiis Lutetiorum : C.F. Cramerum, 1805-07.
  81. Systema laurinarum /exposuit Christianus Godofredus Nees ab Esenbeck, Dr.
    Publication Info: Berolini : Sumptibus Veitii et Sociorum, 1836.
  82. Systema materiae medicae vegetabilis brasiliensis /Composuit Car. Frid. Phil. de Martius.
    Publication Info: Lipsiae,Vindobonae,apud F. Fleischer;apud F. Beck in comm.,1843.
  83. Systema naturae per regna tria naturae :secundum classes, ordines, genera, species, cum characteribus, differentiis, synonymis, locis /Caroli a Linné ...
    Publication Info: Lipsiae [Leipzig] :Impensis Georg. Emanuel. Beer.,1788-1793.
  84. Systema naturae, per regna tria naturae :secundum classes, ordines, genera, species cum characteribus, differentiis, synonymis, locis /Caroli a Linné ...
    Publication Info: Vindobonae [Vienna] :Typis Ioannis Thomae ...,1767-1770.
  85. Systema piperacearum /exposuit F. A. Guil. Miquel.
    Publication Info: Roterodami : Apud H. A. Kramers, 1843-4.
  86. Systema vegetabilium florae Peruvianae et Chilensis :characteres prodromi genericos differentias ... /auctoribus Hippolyto Ruiz et Josepho Pavon.
    Publication Info: [Madrid?] :Typis Gabrielis de Sancha,1798.
  87. A systematic arrangement of British plants :with an easy introduction to the study of botany.
    Publication Info: London :Printed for T. Cadell, jun [etc.],1801.
  88. Systematic arrangement of the species of the genus Cuscuta :with critical remarks on old species and descriptions of new ones /by George Engelmann.
    Publication Info: St. Louis :G. Knapp, printers,1859.
  89. A systematic revision of the neotropical species of Cinnamomum Schaeffer (Lauraceae) /Francisco G. Lorea-Hernández.
    Publication Info: [1996]
  90. Systematisches Verzeichniss der im indischen Archipel in den Jahren 1842-1848 gesammelten sowie der aus Japan empfangenen Pflanzen /herausgegeben von H. Zollinger.
    Publication Info: Zürich :E. Kiesling,1854-55.