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  1. Observationes botanicae :quibus consentiente Ampliss. Philosophor. Ord. Kilon. pro gradu Doctoris Philosophiae nec non LL.AA. Magistri rite obtinendo plantarum cryptogamarum ordinens, genera et species illustrare conatus est /auctor Dan. Matth. Henr. Mohr.
    Publication Info: Kiliae [Kiel] :C. F. Mohr,1803.
  2. Observationes botanicae :quibus plantae Indiae Occidentalis aliaeque Systematis vegetabilium ed. XIV illustrantur earumque characteres passim emendantur /auctore Olavo Swartz ...
    Publication Info: Erlangae :Sumtu Jo. Jacobi Palmii,1791
  3. Observationes botanicae :sex fasciculis comprehensae /Andreae Johannis Retzii ; quibus accedunt Ioannis Gerhardi Koenig ... Descriptiones monandrarum et epidendrorum in India Orientali factae.
    Publication Info: Lipsiae [Leipzig] :Siegfried Lebrecht Crusium,1791 [i.e., 1779-1791].
  4. Observations sur les graminees de la flore belgique /par B.C Dumortier.
    Publication Info: Tournay : Impr. de J. Casterman, 1823.
  5. Occasional papers of the Boston Society of Natural History.
    Publication Info: [Boston, Boston Society of Natural History, 1869-1941.]
  6. Occasional papers of the Farlow Herbarium of Cryptogamic Botany.
    Publication Info: Cambridge, Mass.,Harvard University, Farlow Herbarium of Cryptogamic Botany.
  7. Oeuvres d'histoire naturelle et de philosophie de Charles Bonnet ...
    Publication Info: Neuchatel :Chez S. Fauche,1779-83.
  8. On the Apocynaceae of South America :with some preliminary remarks on the whole family ...
    Publication Info: London : Williams and Norgate, 1878.
  9. On the Darlingtonia californica, a new pitcher-plant from northern California /by John Torrey.
    Publication Info: [Washington, D.C. :Smithsonian Institution,1853]
  10. On the geology and natural history of the upper Missouri :Being the substance of a report made to Lieut. G.K. Warren, T.E. U.S.A. /By Dr. F.V. Hayden ...
    Publication Info: Philadelphia :Printed by C. Sherman & son,1862.
  11. On the medical properties of the natural order Ranunculaceae :and more particularly on the uses of sabadilla seeds, Delphinium straphisagria and Aconitum napellus, and their alcaloids, veratrai, sabadiline, delphinia, and aconitine /by A. Turnbull.
    Publication Info: Philadelphia :Haswell, Barrington, and Haswell,1838.
  12. Opera posthuma :figuris aeneis illustrata, quibus praefixa est ejusdem vita a seipso scripta.
    Publication Info: Londini :Churchill,1697.
  13. Orchid album :comprising coloured figures and descriptions of new, rare and beautiful orchidaceous plants /Conducted by Robert Warner and Benjamin Samuel Williams; the botanical descriptions by Thomas Moore; the coloured figures by John Nugent Fitch.
    Publication Info: London :B. S. Williams,1882-97.
  14. The Orchid review.
    Publication Info: [Kingsteignton, Eng., etc. :Orchid Review ltd.]
  15. The Orchidaceae of Mexico and Guatemala.
    Publication Info: London :Ridgway,[1837-1843]
  16. Orchidacearum genera et species /exposuit Fritz Kraenzlin.
    Publication Info: Berlin :Mayer & Müller,1897-1904.
  17. Orchids :the royal family of plants /with illustrations from nature, by Harriet Stewart Miner.
    Publication Info: Boston :Lee and Shepard,1885.
  18. Orchis :Monatsschrift der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Orchideenkunde.
    Publication Info: Berlin,1906-
  19. Ord. Aroideae. G.9 Anthurium Schott (supplem. III)
    Publication Info: Quiti: Typis Universitatis, [1908].
  20. Ornithologia methodice digesta, atque iconibus aeneis ad vivum illuminatis ornata.
    Publication Info: Florentiae,In Aedibus Mouchianis,1767-1776.
  21. Otia botanica Hamburgensia :Fasciculus primus [-secundus, pars prima] /Henrici G. Reichenbach fil.
    Publication Info: Hamburgi : Typis T. T. Meissneri, 1878-[1881]
  22. Outlines of lectures on materia medica and botany :delivered in Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia /by William P.C. Barton.
    Publication Info: Philadelphia :Joseph G. Auner,1827.
  23. Outlines of medical botany :comprising vegetable anatomy and physiology...and a glossary of terms /by Hugo Reid.
    Publication Info: Edinburgh :Maclachlan, Stewart & Co.,1839.
  24. Oxalis :Monographia iconibus illustrata /Autore Nicolao Josepho Jacquin.
    Publication Info: Viennae :apud Christianum F. Wappler ; [etc., etc.]1794.
  25. Oxalis,quam dissertatione botanica ...
    Publication Info: Upsaliae,Joh. Edman,1781.