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  1. Garden.
    Publication Info: [New York :Garden Society],1977-
  2. The Gardeners' chronicle :a weekly illustrated journal of horticulture and allied subjects.
    Publication Info: London : [Gardeners Chronicle], 1874-1955.
  3. The Gardeners' chronicle and agricultural gazette.
    Publication Info: London : published for the proprietors, 1844-1873.
  4. The Gardeners' chronicle.
    Publication Info: London :published for the proprietors,1841-1843.
  5. The gardeners dictionary :containing the best and newest methods of cultivating and improving the kitchen, fruit, flower garden, and nursery, as also for performing the practical parts of agriculture, including the management of vineyards, with the methods of making and preserving wine, according to the present practice of the most skilful vignerons in the several wine countries in Europe, together with directions for propagating and improving, from real practice and experience, all sorts of timber trees /by Philip Miller.
    Publication Info: London : Printed for the author and sold by John and Francis Rivington ... [and 23 others], 1768.
  6. The gardens of Italy,by Charles Latham; with descriptions by E. March Phillipps.
    Publication Info: London,New York,Country life ltd., [etc.];Charles Scribner's Sons,1905.
  7. Gartenflora :Monatschrift für deutsche und schweizerische Garten-und Blumenkunde /herausgegeben von E. Regel.
    Publication Info: Erlangen : Verlag von Ferdinand Enke, 1852.
  8. Gayana:
    Publication Info: [Concepción] Chile,Universidad de Concepción.
  9. Gedichte /von A. Wislizenus. Seinen Freunden zum Andenken von seiner Familie.
    Publication Info: St. Louis, MO :1890.
  10. The genera and species of orchidaceous plants /by John Lindley.
    Publication Info: London : Ridgways, 1830-1840.
  11. Genera Aroidearum exposita.
    Publication Info: Vindobonae :Typis Caroli Ueberreuter,1858.
  12. Genera et species muscorum systematice disposita ; seu, adumbratio florae muscorum totius orbis terrarum /auctoribus Dr. Augusto Jæger et Fr. Sauerbeck.
    Publication Info: Sancti Galli (St. Gallen) :W. Hausknecht,1870-1880.
  13. Genera et species orchidearum novarum quas collegit, descripsit et iconibus illustravit ...
    Publication Info: Sebastianopolis,1877-1881.
  14. Genera muscorum frondosorum.Classes schistocarporum, cleistocarporum, stegocarporum complectentia, exceptis orthotrichaceis et pleurocarpis. Gattungen und gruppen der laubmose in historischer und systematischer beziehung, sowie nach ihrer geographischen verbreitung unter berücksichtigung der arten.Handschriftlicher nachlass von dr. Carl Müller Hal. Mit einem vorworte von dr. Karl Schliephacke.
    Publication Info:
  15. Genera of European and Northamerican Bryineae (Mosses) /synoptically disposed by N. C. Kindberg.
    Publication Info: Linkoeping, Sweden: P. M. Sahlstroems Bookselling (C.V. Zickerman), [1897]
  16. The genera of North American plants, and a catalogue of the species, to the year 1817.By Thomas Nuttall.
    Publication Info: Philadelphia:Printed for the author by D. Heartt,1818.
  17. The genera of plants /By Richard Anthony Salisbury ... A fragment containing part of Liriogamae.
    Publication Info: London : J. Van Voorst, 1866.
  18. Genera plantarum :ad exemplaria imprimis in Herberiis Kewensibus servata definita /auctoribus G. Bentham et J.D. Hooker.
    Publication Info: Londini :A. Black,1862-1883.
  19. Genera plantarum :eorumque characteres naturales secundum numerum, figuram, situm, et proportionem omnium fructificationis partium /by Caroli Linnæi.
    Publication Info: Holmiæ (Stockholm) :Impensis Laurentii Salvii ,1754.
  20. Genera plantarum :eorumque characteres naturales, secundum numerum, figuram, situm & proportionem omnium fructificationis partium /authore Carolo Linnaeo ...
    Publication Info: Parisiis :Sumtibus Michaelis Antonii David,1743.
  21. Genera plantarum secundum ordines naturales disposita /auctore Stephano Endlicher.
    Publication Info: Vindobonae :Apud F. Beck,1836-1840.
  22. Genera plantarum secundum ordines naturales disposita (supplementums) /auctore Stephano Endlicher.
    Publication Info: Vindobonae :apud Fr. Beck,1836-50.
  23. Genera, species et synonyma Candolleana :alphabetico ordine disposita, seu Index generalis et specialis ad A.P. Decandolle, Prodromum systematis naturalis regni vegetabilis /auctore H.W. Buek.
    Publication Info: Berolini :Sumptibus librariae Nauckianae,1840-1874.
  24. General catalogue.
    Publication Info: Malta :G.P.O.
  25. A general history of the dichlamydeous plants :comprising complete descriptions of the different orders...the whole arranged according to the natural system /by George Don.
    Publication Info: London : J.G. and F. Rivington, 1831-1838.
  26. Generis Cuscutae species secundum ordinem systematicum dispositae :adjectis in prius jam notas observationibus criticis nec non novarum descriptionibus /auctore Georgio Engelmann ; latine vertit Paulus Ascherson ; praefatus est Alexander Braun.
    Publication Info: Berolini :Gustavus Bosselmann,1860.
  27. Genmäle med anledning af Sällskapets pro Fauna et Flora Fennica notiser :häft. V och VI /af Th. M. Fries.
    Publication Info: Upsala:Edquist & Berglund,1862.
  28. The genus Isoëtes in North America /by George Engelmann.
    Publication Info: [S.l. :s.n.,1882]
  29. The genus Masdevallia /issued by the Marquess of Lothian, chiefly from plants in his collection of orchids at Newbattle Abbey ; plates and descriptions by Florence H. Woolward ; with additional notes by F.C. Lehmann.
    Publication Info: London :R.H. Porter,1896.
  30. The genus Parathesis of the Myrsinaceae.
    Publication Info: Renner :Texas Research Foundation,1966.
  31. The genus Phoradendron :a monographic revision.
    Publication Info: Urbana, Ill. : The University, 1916.
  32. Geography and geology of the region including Cape Cod, the Elizabeth Islands, Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, No Mans Land and Block Island
    Publication Info: 1934
  33. George Engelmann :botanical notebook 1
    Publication Info:
  34. George Engelmann :botanical notebook 2 : Vitis
    Publication Info:
  35. Gesamtbeschreibung der Kakteen (Monographia cactacearum) /von Karl Schumann.
    Publication Info: Neudamm [Dębno, Poland?] : J. Neumann, 1899.
  36. Gladiolus ...
    Publication Info: Upsaliæ,apud J. Edman[1784]
  37. Gramineae Chilenses /auctore Em. Desvaux.
    Publication Info: [Paris : Claudio Gay], 1853
  38. Granskning af de till Thymelaearum växtordning hörande slägten och arter /af Joh. Em. Wikström.
    Publication Info: [Stockholm :s.n.,1818]
  39. Grasses of the Southwest :plates and descriptions of the grasses of the desert region of western Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and southern California /By Dr. Geo. Vasey ...
    Publication Info: Washington :Govt. print. off.,1890-91.
  40. Grundriss der Kräuterkunde zu Vorlesungen /entworfen von Carl Ludwig Willdenow ...
    Publication Info: Berlin :Bei Haude und Spener,1792
  41. Guidebook of the western United States.
    Publication Info: Washington :Govt. Print. Off.,1915-1933.
  42. Gulielmi Pisonis ... De Indiae utriusque re naturali et medica libri quatuordecim :quorum contenta pagina sequens exhibet.
    Publication Info: Amstelaedami :Apud Ludovicum et Danielem Elzevirios,1658.