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  1. The anatomy of plants :by Nehemiah Grew ...
    Publication Info: [London] : Printed by W. Rawlins, for the author, 1682.
    Tags: 1682  Botany  Early works to 1800  England  Engravings  gmgpc  Plants anatomy  Pre-Linnean works  Uncolored  
  2. Caroli Linnaei ... Hortus upsaliensis :exhibens plantas exoticas, Horto upsaliensis academiae a sese illatas, ab anno 1742, in annum 1748, additis differentiis, synonymis, habitationibus, hospitiis, rariorumque descriptionibus, in gratiam studiosae juventutis.
    Publication Info: Stockholmiae :Sumtu & literis Laurentii Salvii,1748.
    Tags: 1748  Botaniska trädgärden  Botany  Catalogs  Engravings  gmgpc  Pre-Linnean works  Sweden  Uppsala universitet  
  3. Distribution méthodique de la famille des Graminées /par Charles-Sigismond Kunth. Ouvrage accompagnée de deux cent vingt planches représentant autant d'espèces nouvelles ou peu connues, dessinées par Eulalie Delile.
    Publication Info: Paris,Librarie-Gide,1835.
    Tags: 1835  Copper engraving  France  gmgpc  Gramineae  Hand-colored  
  4. The ferns of Great Britain and Ireland /by Thomas Moore ... ; edited by John Lindley ... ; nature-printed by Henry Bradbury.
    Publication Info: London : Published by Bradbury and Evans, Whitefriars, 1857.
    Tags: 1857  Colored  England  Engravings  gmgpc  Graphic media :  Great Britain  Ireland  Nature printing  Nature-printing and nature-prints  Pictorial works  Pteridophyta  
  5. The ferns of Great Britain and Ireland /by Thomas Moore ; edited by John Lindley ... ; edited by John Lindley ... ; nature-printed by Henry Bradbury.
    Publication Info: London : Published by Bradbury and Evans, Whitefriars ..., 1855.
    Tags: 1855  1857  Colored  England  Engravings  gmgpc  Graphic media :  Great Britain  Ireland  Nature printing  Nature-printing and nature-prints  Pictorial works  Pteridophyta  
  6. Iconographie du genre Camellia, ou, Description et figures des Camellia les plus beaux et les plus rares /peints d'après nature dans les serres et sous la direction de l'abbé Berlèse par J.-J. Jung ; accompagnées d'un traité complet sur la culture speciale de cette plante et sur les soins qu'elle exige pour fleurir abondamment par l'abbé Berlèse.
    Publication Info: Paris :H. Cousin,1841-1843.
    Tags: 1841  Camellia  Copper engraving  gmgpc  Hand colored  Paris  Theaceae  
  7. Le jardin du Roy tres chrestien, Loys XIII, Roy de France et de Navare ... /par Pierre Vallet ...
    Publication Info: A Paris : Et se vandent au Logis de l'auteur, Rue du Four, 1623.
    Tags: 1623  Botany  Engravings  France  gmgpc  Pictorial works  Pre-Linnean works  Uncolored  
  8. A monograph of the genus Lilium /by Henry John Elwes ; illustrated by W.H. Fitch.
    Publication Info: London : Printed by Taylor and Francis, [1877]-1880.
    Tags: 1877  Colored  England  gmgpc  Liliaceae  Lilium  Lithographs  
  9. Paulus Roetter sketchbook on pines and cactus,
    Publication Info:
    Tags: 1806-1894  Botanical illustration  Cactaceae  Cactus  gmgpc  Pictorial works  Pinaceae  Pinus elliottii  Roetter, Paulus,  Sketchbooks  
  10. Plans et dessins nouveaux de jardinage /du Sr le Bouteux.
    Publication Info: A Paris : Chez N. Langlois ..., [17--?]
    Tags: 1700-1799  Designs  Early works to 1800  Engravings  France  Gardens  gmgpc  Landscape architecture  Uncolored  
  11. Plantae selectae quarum imagines ad exemplaria naturalia Londini, in hortis curiosorum nutritamanu artificiosa doctaque pinxit Georgius Dionysius Ehret ... ; occasione haud vulgari collegit nominibus propriis notisque subinde illustravit et publico usui dicavit D. Christophorus Iacobus Trevv ... ; in aes incidit et vivis coloribus repraesentavit primum Ioannes Iacobus Haid ... pictor et chalcographus augustanus.
    Publication Info: [S.l. :s.n.],1750-1773.
    Tags: 1750  Botany  Colored  Engravings  gmgpc  Pre-Linnean works  
  12. A table of vegetable poisons, exhibiting the principal poisonous plants :comprising their common English name, botanic name, the class and order to which they belong in the Linnaean system, essential character by which they are particularly distinguished, native country, places of growth, time of flowering, poisonous effects and mode of treatment, &c. ; illustrated by accurate drawings of the principal indigenous plants, including the poisonous mushrooms, and some of the exotic poisonous plants cultivated in Britain /by G. Spratt ...
    Publication Info: [London] :John Wilson ... and C. Tilt ...,[1843]
    Tags: 1843  Botany, Medical  England  gmgpc  Great Britain  Hand colored  Lithographs  Plants  Poisonous plants  
  13. Vegetable staticks, or, An account of some statical experiments on the sap in vegetables :being an essay towards a natural history of vegetation : also, a specimen of an attempt to analyse the air, by a great variety of chymio-statical experiments; which were read at several meetings before the Royal Society /by Steph. Hales ...
    Publication Info: London : Printed for W. and J. Innys ... : and T. Woodward, 1727.
    Tags: 1727  Air  Analysis  Early works to 1800  England  Engravings  gmgpc  Plant physiology  
  14. A voyage to the islands Madera, Barbados, Nieves, S. Christophers and Jamaica :with the natural history of the herbs and trees, four-footed beasts, fishes, birds, insects, reptiles, &c. of the last of those islands; to which is prefix'd, an introduction, wherein is an account of the inhabitants, air, waters, diseases, trade, &c. of that place, with some relations concerning the neighbouring continent, and islands of America. Illustrated with figures of the things described, which have not been heretofore engraved. In large copper-plates as big as the life /by Hans Sloane.
    Publication Info: London :Printed by B.M. for the author,1707-1725.
    Tags: 1707  Botany  Description and travel  Early works to 1800  England  Engravings  gmgpc  Jamaica  Natural history  Plants  Pre-Linnean  Pre-Linnean works