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  1. [Calendar posters].
    Publication Info:
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  2. Annual report Missouri Botanical Garden.
    Publication Info: St. Louis :Board of Trustees,1890-1912.
    Tags: Botanical gardens  Missouri  Missouri Botanical Garden  Periodicals  Saint Louis  
  3. A biographical history of botany at St. Louis, Missouri /by Dr. Perley Spaulding.
    Publication Info: [New York :1908-1909]
    Tags: Botany  History  Missouri  Missouri Botanical Garden  Saint Louis  
  4. The Classification of a botanical library.
    Publication Info: [19--]
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  5. Correspondence :Vilmorin-Andrieux et cie. and Engelmann (George),
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    Tags: (Ernest),  1800-1889  1809-1884  1819-1889  1843-1899  1849-1948  Agave  Compositae  Correspondence  Cosson, E  Engelmann, George,  Euphorbia  Euphorbiaceae  Fagaceae  Helianthus  Juniperus  Letters  Liliaceae  Missouri Botanical Garden  Pinaceae  Quercus  Seeds  Shaw, Henry,  Vilmorin, Henry Lévêque de,  Vilmorin, Maurice Lévêque de,  Vilmorin-Andrieux et cie  
  6. Index seminum.
    Publication Info: [St. Louis] :Shaw Arboretum of the Missouri Botanical Garden1993.
    Tags: Catalogs  Catalogs and collections  Missouri Botanical Garden  Seeds  St. Louis  United States  
  7. Missouri Botanical Garden bulletin.
    Publication Info: [St. Louis :Missouri Botanical Garden],1913-
    Tags: Botany  Missouri Botanical Garden  Periodicals  
  8. Missouri Botanical Garden invites you to know our trees.
    Publication Info: [St. Louis] :Missouri Botanical Garden,1990.
    Tags: Identification  Missouri  Missouri Botanical Garden  Plants  Saint Louis  Trees  
  9. Plants of the Bible at the Missouri Botanical Garden /[by Henry Shaw].
    Publication Info: St. Louis :R. P. Studley & Co.,1884.
    Tags: Missouri Botanical Garden  Nature in the Bible